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It's Time to Tell Your Story!

Have you been thinking of sharing your story in a book but don’t know where to start? Is the thought of writing and publishing your story overwhelming and a little scary?

Good News!

The Bestselling Becoming 50Something book collaboration project is the perfect opportunity for you to join with other women over 50 to tell your story. As women over 50, we have a unique journey, one filled with victory, defeat, inspiration, transformation and everything in between! This collaboration project will give you the platform to share how you have overcome and triumphed life’s obstacles and are now living your BEST life after 50!

 My hope is that your story will inspire other women over 50 to go for it, no matter what their circumstance. Your story will be a testament to women all over the world that the next phase of their life can and will be the best phase of their life.

The Becoming 50Something collaboration is your opportunity to not only be an author (without the headaches of publishing) but to be among an amazing group of women over 50 who gone through and come out triumphant.

What you Get!

  • Recognition in the book with your own chapter

  • The distinction of being a published author with a book you can share with family, friend, business associates and others

  • Free Writing Workshop to help you get your chapter written

  • A published book available on Amazon and other distribution channels (plan for book to be bestseller the day of release)

  • 3 copies of the book

  • Book Signing Celebration hosted by 50Something Lifestyle

How to Get Started!

  • Pay a collaboration fee to be included in the book

  • Complete the application (you will receive this after payment is made)

  • Attend an online introductory session where you will learn all you need to get started.

  • Attend an online writing/editing workshop

  • Write your chapter within the deadline (determined when you join the collaboration)