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Stories of Inspiration and Empowerment for Women over 50

In Becoming 50Something, eight passionate women share their powerful stories of triumph and transformation on their journey to 50Something!


This collaboration features stories that detail how these amazing women overcame grief, addiction, abuse, sexism, self-doubt and much, much more! They emerged stronger and wiser, and ready to gift the world with their unique talents and abilities. Their overall message to women over 50? Never stop dreaming!


Available August 28, 2020

Meet the Author


Carmen is an expert retreat planner, workshop facilitator, and a masterful connector of people, information and ideas. Carmen's background includes years of experience as a social entrepreneur and a Women’s Issues & Diversity Coach.  She has co-authored two books and one of the books was an Amazon International Bestseller. 

Currently, Carmen is devoting much of her time to the support and growth of network marketing entrepreneurs within the industry of travel.  The last three years has landed Carmen within the top 2% in her current network marketing project.  Her commitment is to assist others in understanding that, with the right vision and support, entrepreneurship is a much better option. Recent awards include: 2018 Chief Cornerstone, 2018 Ripple Effect (the most duplication), 2019 One Star Director, and 2019 Brand Ambassador.