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Stories of Inspiration and Empowerment for Women over 50

In Becoming 50Something, eight passionate women share their powerful stories of triumph and transformation on their journey to 50Something!


This collaboration features stories that detail how these amazing women overcame grief, addiction, abuse, sexism, self-doubt and much, much more! They emerged stronger and wiser, and ready to gift the world with their unique talents and abilities. Their overall message to women over 50? Never stop dreaming!


Available August 28, 2020

Meet the Author


Nancy “Poozie” Topoozian is a retired math teacher who expresses herself through t-shirts. How did that happen? Nancy’s friend owned a boutique that had very funny shirts. Nancy loved hearing the laughter that would come when people saw the shirts. Only problem, the shirts were razorback tanks. Customers were always asking for either regular crew-neck or V-neck t-shirts.  Nancy recognized a great opportunity and decided to start her own humorous t-shirt line, called Yin Yang Threads. Yin Yang Threads tees are fun, uplifting, sporty, spiritual and humorous.

Nancy, who never had a window in her classroom for 33 years of teaching, decided to sell her t-shirts at music, beer and wine festivals. Nancy realized she wanted to trademark her tees, but knew she couldn’t do it with Yin Yang Threads. Nancy eventually trademarked WooHoo Apparel. To Nancy, WooHoo was not just a word, but a happy emotion. Anyone who knows Nancy, knows she loves bringing happiness to others and what better way than to express herself on t-shirts.  The WooHoo line, has many artistic fonts, including tie dye, empowering shirts and the WooHooBerry Character.

The WooHooBerry is a blueberry character that Nancy created to honor her dad’s favorite pie (blueberry). Like Nancy, WooHooBerry is hyper and active and there is never a dull moment.  WooHooBerry skateboards, surfs, fishes, goes four-wheeling, plays softball, plays football, hangs out at the beach, and more.  Yin Yang Threads and WooHoo Apparel are Nancy’s way of expressing who she is through t-shirts. Her goal is to inspire others to live a happy, fulfilled life.