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Stories of Inspiration and Empowerment for Women over 50

In Becoming 50Something, eight passionate women share their powerful stories of triumph and transformation on their journey to 50Something!


This collaboration features stories that detail how these amazing women overcame grief, addiction, abuse, sexism, self-doubt and much, much more! They emerged stronger and wiser, and ready to gift the world with their unique talents and abilities. Their overall message to women over 50? Never stop dreaming!


Available August 28, 2020

Meet the Author


TeHanna was born in Indianapolis, Indiana but spent her early years growing up in Los Angeles, California in the Crenshaw District. She is the oldest of her siblings and was raised to be a nurturer to them so it is no surprise that she now works as a Caregiver for seniors. In 2008, she founded the non-profit organization BeeLievers BeeYond The Stars Inc., where she worked with youth and families in her neighborhood.

Life was never easy for TeHanna who always felt and believed that her mother blamed her for being born and ruining her life. After her parents divorced, her mother moved them to Los Angeles because her mother had dreams of becoming a star. And her children became show pieces to prove how good a mother she was having chosen to leave her husband to chase her dreams (was frowned upon in the 70s).

TeHanna went on to do some of the amazing things that she always dreamed of doing and other accomplishments that she never knew she was capable of - like being the mother to three sons. Now after thirty-seven years of being a mom, all her sons are adults and living out their own dreams. TeHanna has returned to dreaming and seeing her dreams come to life.

TeHanna returned to Milwaukee, Wisconsin in October 1995 with her husband (now divorced) and two sons (at the time) and continues to reside there, for now. Her new dream is to relocate to warmer climates in the future where she will continue to share her story both as a motivational speaker and an author. Yes, TeHanna has more stories of triumphs and victories to tell because she has a mission to empower some and give permission to others to always be Living On Purpose 4Life while doing The Inside Job.