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Stories of Inspiration and Empowerment for Women over 50

In the second book in the Becoming 50Something series, nine dynamic women over 50 share their powerful stories of triumph and transformation.


This collaboration features stories that detail how these amazing women overcame personal trauma, and health and career issues. You will also be inspired by stories of the true essence of love. These powerful women emerge stronger and wiser, and ready to gift the world with their unique talents and abilities. Their overall message to women over 50? Live your BEST life, right now!


Meet the Author


Cheryl Garrison is a coach, author, speaker and champion for women over 50. She has written and published three books Re-Invent Yourself, From Expert to Entrepreneur and Becoming 50Something Book I. Becoming 50Something Book II is her fourth book. She is proud to publish and be featured in this collaborative work that includes eight other amazing women who share their stories of overcoming and triumph!

Cheryl is the Founder and CEO of 50Something Lifestyle a resource for women over 50 who are transitioning professionally, personally, financially and spiritually. She is also the owner of Becoming 50Something Publications. Her goal is to help women over 50 gain the confidence to achieve their BEST life, right now!

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