MINDSET: The Building Block to Starting and Growing a Business

September 4th @ 6 pm PST Online

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Are you running your business like a CEO? Or, are you just stumbling around, making no money, getting no sales or clients and wondering what is wrong. It's you! It's your mindset...

Once I changed the way I thought about being an entrepreneur, I began making money (lots of it) and I never looked back. Aren't you ready to change your bottom line?

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  • The Role of Subconscious Thinking

  • Growth Mindset vs. Fixed Mindset

  • How to think and act like a CEO

  • Facing Obstacles and Challenges Head On

  • How Changing the Way you Think Effects Your Bottom Line

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I'm Cheryl Garrison, Founder and CEO of 50Something LIfestyle. I am a coach, speaker, author and champion for women over 50 who want to make a difference in their lives after 50. One of the best ways to make a change after 50, is to use the years of experience and expertise to start your own business. I am here to help you do just that. Using skills I've learned for the past 30+ years as an entrepreneur, I am committed to using my skills and knowledge to helping you grow and run a successful business. 

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Cheryl Garrison