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Business Planning and Strategy VIP Day

(for women entrepreneurs over 50)

December 28th 9am to 4pm

Cheryl Garrison


Learn the Strategies and Get the Resources you need to Start a New Business or Grow Your Existing Business!

Designed Specifically for Women Entrepreneurs over 50 who are starting a business or want to get to the next level in their existing business.

Limited to 5 Women Who Want to Create and Grow Their Business in an Intimate Setting, Fast!!

I created this special training day for 5 passionate and motivated entrepreneurial women over 50 who want to create a strong, profitable business foundation. The all-day training will be done in an intimate setting and will include everything you need to leave with a completed business plan and strategy for growth. You will also be able to have a solid marketing and social media plan for your initial launch (or re-launch). What's best is you will work with other women entrepreneurs and establish a support network. You won't have to do it alone.

This is for you if...

  • You want to start a new business but don't know the first step to getting it off the ground.

  • You have a business but you are not making the money you think you thought you'd be making right now.

  • You are not sure of your target market and how to reach them. 

  • You don't have a website or your site is so basic and unprofessional that no one can take your business seriously.

  • You're a woman over 50 with a great idea and a desire to have your own business but can't seem to translate your years of experience into a viable business solution.

  • You haven't the first clue how to setup your business and make it legal for tax and financial reporting purposes.

Just imagine what your business would look like if you could actually make money, add new clients or customers, work with a business expert to help you get your business setup and plan your business for months in advance.

Accomplish in One Day What would take you 6-8 weeks to implement


Here's What You Can Expect...

Clarity/Mindset Session - it all begins with know who you are and where you are going. This session will help you be crystal clear about where you are going in your business now and in the future. We will also explore the mindset of an entrepreneur, especially a 50Something entrepreneur. 

Business Planning and Strategy Session - this is the heart of the day. We will spend the bulk of the day creating your business plan and the strategies to put in place to achieve your business goals. When you have solid plans and strategies in place, you earn money - lots of it! You will leave the day armed with the tools and strategies to go from zero to profitability.

Your Brand and Website Development - we will review your current website and business brand (image) and tweak it to match your new business direction or we will put the template in place for you to create a website, logo and establish the brand to identify you in the marketplace.

Business Setup and Operations - being successful in business is all about be setup legally and having processes in place for smooth day-to-day business operations. We will review your business setup and make sure you are aligned with state and federal requirements and that you have the organizational and daily operations in place.

Marketing Strategy - do you know who your ideal clients are and how to reach them? We will complete a client/customer profile, put together tools for you to know what your clients want and how to deliver your product or service to them.

Business Launch Strategy - finally, we will layout your product or service delivery and the best way to reach your clients. This will include a social media strategy, email campaigns, face-to-face and virtual networking, etc. You will identify a launch or re-launch date and get your product/service to the market to begin making money.

What's Included:

Workbooks and Checklists - you will receive workbooks for each part of the training. Checklists will also be available to help you have a quick reference to some of the sessions.

Pre-VIP Day Call - prior to the VIP Day, you and I will have a brief conference call to help me prepare your program for the day.

In-Person Training - the training will be conducted exclusively by Cheryl.

Post-VIP Day Call - after the VIP Day, you and Cheryl will have a debriefing session where your quetions will be answered and any other post information will be provided.

Breakfast and Lunch Included with your VIP Day.

Success Stories from Cheryl's Clients


"Cheryl, thank you. You have been my rock! Starting a business can be somewhat intimidating. I am so thankful to have made a business and a friendship connection with you. I so appreciated the business/marketing plan and additional tools that you specifically tailored to my business needs. I find myself consistently reviewing and using these tools. Your business knowledge and guidance as my coach has been impeccable. Without you, and the tools, I would have been all over the place. Thank you encouragement, excitement and determination to see me and my business come to a successful fruition."

Wanda Reeves, Purple Rose Creative Designs

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"A little over year ago I started a journey that I've dreamed about for 9 years. God gave me an idea that I knew was from Him, because I just could not let it go. I believe fear was my menace . I believed it was a good idea. I just didn't know how to start, let alone keep it going when I tried to start it.

I am so thankful to God for a Phenomenal Woman that took me under her wings and lead me down this path of Entrepreneurship. She helped me make my dream come true. I received my Patent in the mail today. I'm soo excited about that, I think that's why I was so afraid of putting my Idea out there. I was afraid that someone would take it and run with it. Fear would always stop me. But God, this wonderful woman of God would not let me quit.

No matter how tired I'd get or if I'd get down and think i just couldn't do it. She always was there to pick me back up and I am so thankful for her. She has made everything seem easier, I mean things that I thought would be so hard she just broke it down and helped me make it possible.

The most important thing she did for me is help me see who I am. She help me realize that I am a strong Confident Woman that doesn't have to shy away from any challenge. She also made me realize I'm past all the negative thoughts. and all my thoughts about myself are positive. Now as I walk foward I look foward, the negative past is no longer relevant. On this Thankful Tuesday I'm thankful for my coach and mentor Cheryl Garrison. Thank you Cheryl. Anyone looking for a coach I strongly recommend Cheryl."

Frieda Stewart. EyeExclaim, LLC

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Meet Cheryl

cheryl new 1.jpg

I am so excited to be providing this special training day for 5 motivated entrepreneurs who are ready to take their business to the next level, fast. I can tell you from 30+ years of experience, that having a mentor or coach help you plan and strategize in your business will make a vast difference in your bottom line. In fact, when I was struggling, I decided to work with a coach and my business at the time went from $2000 a year to $200,000 and I never looked back.

I invite you to complete your application for this program and join me on December 28th at 9am. We will have a day packed with training, networking, bonding and just plain old fashioned fun! I promise you that when you leave you will have processes in place to be successful and never look back!

Click on the button above and complete your application right now!

To Your Success,

Cheryl Garrison

Business Planning and Strategy Expert
for Women over 50

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