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New LIVE Masterclass

The Write and Publish Your Book in 2023
FREE Workshop

Are you ready to tell your story but not sure where to start?

4:00 PM PST, 5:00 MST, 7:00 EST

There is no better time than NOW to tell your story or share your expertise by writing your own book. 


This workshop is designed for the woman over 50 who has always wanted to write a book and has no idea how to start the process. You will learn how to pick the right theme/idea for your book, how to outline and then how to write your story. If you’ve already written your book, this workshop will help you get your book ready for publishing and give you guidance on how to get published.


Join this workshop and learn how I have helped my authors get their stories written and published in 90 days or less.


Don't feel like you're ready to write a book? NO WORRIES... I will show my step-by-step strategy for writing, publishing, and profiting from your very own book.

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Who is Cheryl Garrison

Cheryl Garrison, CEO and Founder of 50Something Lifestyle and Becoming 50Something Publications, is an author, speaker and business coach who has helped women over 50 get their books written and published. Personally, she has written and published four bestselling books. Her publishing company has published dozens of books over the last two years.


Cheryl brings a career as a proressional writer and 40+ years as a business owner to Becoming 50Something. Her team helps authors with all aspects of getting their book published and distributed in expanded markets.


Chery shares her knowledge of writing and publishing to help you reach your dreams of finally becoming a published author.


  • How to find the right topic or idea for your book

  • How to outline your book to get it written fast

  • Writing “hacks” to help you with grammar, spelling and sentence structure

  • How to create an ideal writing atmosphere and schedule for optimum writing results

  • How to format and arrange your manuscript for submission

  • How to find a publisher  and get your book published

4:00 PM PST, 5:00 MST, 7:00 EST


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