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Achieve Your Dream of Becoming an Author

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It's Time to Tell Your Story!

Have you been thinking of sharing your story in a book but don’t know where to start? Is the thought of writing and publishing your story overwhelming and a little scary?

Good News!

Established in the midst of a pandemic, Becoming 50Something Publication is here to help you get published. Using our proven #1 Bestselling Program, you can choose to become a part of our Book Collaboration Project or publish your individual story using our publishing services.

Collaborate with us...

 Becoming 50Something book collaboration project is the perfect opportunity for you to join with other women over 50 to tell your story. As women over 50, we have a unique journey, one filled with victory, defeat, inspiration, transformation and everything in between! This collaboration project will give you the platform to share how you have overcome and triumphed life’s obstacles and are now living your BEST life after 50...

Publish with us...

Have you dreamed of sharing your story, wisdom, or unique perspective with the world through a published book? At Becoming 50Something Publications, we firmly believe that it's never too late to pursue your passion for writing. Empowered Pages is our groundbreaking publishing program, designed exclusively for women over 50 who aspire to become published authors...

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