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By Cheryl Garrison

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Anna Howard, the matriarch of an affluent family living in Phoenix, has died, leaving her three children, Marriah, Liz, and Nate, Jr., the daunting task of packing up their childhood home.

In the process of sorting through her belongings, an old leather-bound journal comes to light, its pages yellowed with time and secrets. What starts as a mere curiosity quickly turns into a profound revelation, as the journal's pages divulge a chilling secret and an old picture that forces one of the sisters to face her own demons. As they read, the siblings come face to face with the harsh realities and brutality of slavery and the inhumanity that stained their family's legacy, including murder.

Guided by the revelations in the journal, the siblings embark on a transformative journey to confront some uncomfortable family truths. These truths unearth the hurt of sibling rivalry, alcoholism, infidelity, and other secrets that challenge their identity. 

In Legacy, author, Cheryl Garrison takes readers on a journey that intertwines the complexities of the modern-day life of a thriving African American family with the haunting legacies of slavery. Readers will embark on an emotional journey through time, witnessing the power of family and the unbreakable connection between past and present.

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About the Author

Cheryl Garrisonis the CEO of 50Something Lifestyle, a resource, coaching and publishing business for women over 50. She started Becoming 50Something Publications, a publishing wing of her business, to help women over 50 tell their story in a safe and affordable place. She is the author of seven nonfiction books for women over 50 who want to live their BEST life, right now! 

Legacy is her first fiction book. For many years, Cheryl has been fascinated with the history of African Americans in this country, from slavery to present-day. She believes that African American families are all shaped by the roots of their ancestors, many of them who were slaves. Most fascinating to Cheryl are the slaves who were able to escape to freedom to a better life of freedom. Legacy is a culmination of Cheryl's passion for history and the legacy of family!

Her nonfiction books include:

  • Re-Invent Yourself

  • From Expert to Entrepreneur

  • Living Your Best Life Planner

  • Finding Your Passion

  • Becoming 50Something Books I, II and III

You can connect with Cheryl at

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