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Are you a woman over 50 longing to:

  • Start your own business but not sure if you are moving in the right direction or how to get it off the ground.

  • Re-invent a career that has been stagnant and passionless.

  • Go back to college and complete that degree you put off to raise your children.

  • Retire, but not sure if you will have enough money and if you do, what you will do with your time.

  • Travel the world or country, but you don't have the courage or money to hit the road.

Are you ready to change that feeling and see some REAL  changes in your life?

I know I was ready for a change when I started 50Something Lifestyle. To be honest, I was flat out depressed and felt that it was over for me. Not life, I wasn't that desperate. But that desire I had all of my life, which was the catalyst for a 20+ year career as a writer,  a 30+ year entrepreneurial journay that included consulting, franchises, retail, interior design and network marketing businesses, was gone.


I was a go-getter and didn't sit still long enough for the grass to grow under my feet. And then... 


                        Something happened...


                                                             50Something happened!


I found myself with a failed business, an empty nest and feeling as if I had nothing more to give. So, I plopped down in my infamous chair. ​When I came to the realization that that chair was going to hold me hostage until I kicked it to the curb, I got to kickin'.

​And now? Now, I have re-invented my life to a lifestyle that includes speaking, being an author, coaching and meeting some of the most awesome women on the planet.

If this is your journey, let me help you re-invent. Check out my programs below:

Are you ready to make a change in your life RIGHT now?

Schedule your FREE 30-minute coaching session with Cheryl today!

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NEXT STEPS Mastermind

This 3-month group coaching and mentoring program is a weekly mastermind group which allows you to connect with other women over 50 while starting or building your own business. This program is for you if you're ready to take your lifestyle re-invention to the next level. 

 Re-Invention Intensive


This 8-week, one-on-one coaching program is a customized program for the woman ready for total re-invention. If you are tired of the excuses and the procrastination and want to see results, this is the program for you. I will personally guide you through the process which includes videos, calls, video conferences, accountability monitoring, mentoring...all you need to make sure you reach your goals for re-invention.

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