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50Something Lifestyle's mission and purpose is threefold:


  • Connect women over 50 with each other to share experiences, expertise and to support each other through the journey. Learn more by joining the 50Something Women's Network Facebook group.

  • Create a cadre of resources to help women over 50 take the NEXT STEPS to lifestyle re-invention through financial independence, personal growth and spiritual well-being.  
    NEXT STEPS is a premier group coaching mastermind designed to lead you from business inception to profitability.

  • Inspire and educate women to make authentic decisions regarding their direction as they transition through the second half of their life. Our products and services will aide you in taking quick ACTION to move forward in business, career and personal development.

Are you ready to make a change in your life RIGHT now?

Schedule your FREE one-hour coaching session with Cheryl today!

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