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NEXT STEPS Coaching Programs


Coaching Programs

Are you a woman over 50 who is ready to take your life to the next level financially, personally, and spiritually?

Would earning extra income or replacing your current income help you create the lifestyle of your dreams?

Hi, I'm Cheryl Garrison, founder and CEO of 50Something Lifestyle and creator of Lifestyle Re-Invention and the NEXT STEPS Coaching Programs. Since 2015, I have devoted my life to helping women over 50 create their desired lifestyle by creating a lifestyle re-invention plan that transforms their lives financially, personally and spiritually.

While helping women on their journey to re-invention, it became increasingly apparent that lifestyle re-invention without a sound financial foundation was nothing more than a dream.

So, What was the Solution?

NEXT STEPS...  I decided to take my 30+ years as an entrepreneur and my lifestyle coaching experience and meld them together to create a place for women who are looking to start a business or grow their existing business and earn the extra money needed to truly live a re-invented life


NEXT STEPS is a series of coaching programs to help women re-invent their lives through business ownership using the skills and expertise they learned in the workplace or by improving their lifestyle in the areas of travel, health and wellness, self-care and financial wealth.   

Lifestyle Re-Invention!


The NEXT STEPS Coaching Programs include:

One-on-One Business Intensive - The NEXT STEPS Business Success Intensive a 6-Week coaching program for Women over 50 who want a profitable successful and profitable business, full-time or part-time

From Expert to Entrepreneur Workshops/Training - 

Lifestyle Re-Invention

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