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Cheryl Garrison, Authentic Speaker


When asked why people call her an authentic speaker, Cheryl said that most people tell her that her speeches are so real - so authentic. And they are. Cheryl speaks from her real-life experiences, not from something she learned in a book or from another expert. With her over 30 year business experience, she has seen alot and experieced success and failure at almost every level possible.  


Cheryl draws from each of her experiences as a consultant, writer, interior designer, and franchise owner to help women Re-ignite the Fire, especially in their 50's and beyond. Cheryl says she has sat too many times across from a friend or colleague who ends up in the same place, unsure where the rest of their life will take them. She's cried with them, laughed with them and shared her wisdom with them. Now she wants to share her knowledge of getting to the next phase of life with them.

Introducing the Get Out of that Chair Speaking Series

One aspect of every one of Cheryl's speeches is her infamous Chair. The Chair she could barely get out of to take the steps toward leading a meaningful and fulfilled life of excellence. This series is for every woman over 50 who finds herself STUCK. It could be in a chair, a bed, a sofa...a safe haven that has kept them from success. Topics in this series include:


  • From the Chair to the Stage - An Entrepreneurs Journey to Success


  • ReInvent Yourself! 


  • Failing Forward

  • Passion to Profits

  • Passion Into Action


  • Who are You - Who Do You Want to Be

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