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It's Time to Tell Your Story!

 You've written your story, finally got that book out of your heart and head and onto paper! Now what? It's time to get it published so the world will know your story. That's when Becoming 50Something Publications steps in! We know what your story means to you and we're her to take it from paper to print. Our publishing program for individual authors provides you with resources that will get your book on Amazon and provide promotional tools to help you launch your book. Whether you are writing your book as an entrepreneur or just need to tell your story, we can and will help you from start to finish.

What we offer...

Content and Copy Editing: Our editors will proofread your manuscript, word by word, to ensure the writing is clear and flows. We also provide a copy edit to ensure there are no spelling and grammatical errors that happen during the writing process.

Manuscript Formatting for Print: We format the interior of your book to the appropriate print book size and printer specifications.

Book Cover Design: We use a graphic designer to design your book cover according to print book size and printer specifications.

Copyrighting/ISBN: We provide the ISBN barcode on your book cover. You retain all rights to your book, meaning that once we provide the published copy, you will have access to print or distribute as desired.


Ebook/Kindle: We format your paperback book for Kindle and upload on Amazon. We also offer full-service ebook creation.

Book Launch Campaign: We create a launch program from pre-sale to release.

Marketing/Promotion: We work with our social media team to create marketing promotion posts, launch, and ongoing materials to help promote your book after publishing.

Pricing is based on each individual project! Click on the button below to email us to request a consultation.

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