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Enjoy the Journey

This evening I was sitting watching TV after a long day and feeling pretty relaxed. As I sat just letting the TV watch me, I started to reflect on what a great journey this whole 50Something Lifestyle thing has been. It started a few years ago as a blog. Yes, I started blogging just to pour out what I was feeling inside and desperately hoping to find some healing in the journey.

Boy, what a journey it has been. And yes, I not only found my healing, I found my passion. Our journeys can take us places we never, ever thought we would go. If someone had told me several years ago that I would be a coach, speaker, author and passionate supporter of women over 50, I would have told them that they were mistaken. MY goals were to grow my network marketing business and live a life with residual income flowing in monthly. Oh, I had plans. I had a team, a training program, a fairly good team of people who were wanting to grow within our Topleaders organization.

BUT, even though each day I was working toward building a team, I was unhappy, depressed and felt like a total failure. I was living but I wasn’t living in my passion or purpose. Once, I decided to be honest with myself and pursue my passion, the journey became amazing.

I began meeting women from across the country who were ready to re-invent their lives and pursue their passions. I met and coached women who felt as I did, stuck in a rut as if they were standing in cement blocks, feeling as if there was no way out. However, through coaching and mentoring, they began to thrive and live a life of success.

One of my clients, came to me totally defeated and unsure where she was going to go in the next phase of her life. After a few sessions, she would come to our meetings with a look of confidence and pride that was not there when I first began working with her. When I asked her, what was different, she said “I love my life now. I know where I am going and that is all because of you!” Of course, my heart leaped and I felt on top of the world because what I had set out to accomplish was really happening.

What is your journey? Are you living it? Are you enjoying it? If not, this is the perfect time to take this life by its throat and live it to its fullest. It’s time to enjoy the journey. It’s unique. Different from any other place you have been. It’s wonderful. It’s fun. It’s awesome. It’s life-altering. It’s empowering. It’s amazing. It’s unpredictable. It’s fabulous. It’s all the things you want it to be.

It is time you decide that you are going to not only enjoy the journey of being 50Something, but you are going to create a 50Something Lifestyle that will help you live the life of your dreams.

Enjoy the journey!

If you are struggling with your journey or stuck in a rut and don't know how to move forward, let's talk. Schedule a complimentary strategy session with me by going to

P.S., If you find that you have been unable to get unstuck, to get out of the slump, schedule a complimentary 30-minute strategy session and let’s help you find your joy!

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