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Do You Need a Business Coach?

The 4 Benefits of Hiring a Coach

Are you considering hiring a coach or mentor to help you start and grow your new business?Well, below are a few things to consider as you make this decision. I know for me, working with a coach made all the difference in being profitable and pretty much falling flat on my face. A few years ago, I was literally at the point of closing a business because I was doing so poorly. I had invested thousands of dollars in starting the business but wasn’t making any money. In fact, I only earned $2000 my first year in business. Disaster!

After many sleepless nights of tossing and turning trying to figure it out, a fellow business owner recommended that I hire a coach. It was a foreign thought to me, but I wanted things to work out and I didn’t want to lose all my investment so I did just that. To make a longer story short, the next year I ended the year with over $200,000 and I never looked back. The lessons I learned helped me in multiple businesses and I have made a substantial amount of money being an entrepreneur

.Here are some of the things to consider if you are thinking of hiring a coach:

Unbiased Support – a coach will tell it like it is. Friends and family want to spare our feelings and will tell us that we have a great idea or are doing great when conditions are totally opposite. A coach will give you an unbiased assessment of how your business is doing, what you can do to correct it and then support you as you turn it around.

Accountability – a coach will hold you accountable for the goals you set for yourself and your business. A coach will help you create an action plan with goals and objectives that can be measured. Accountability will hold you to making the sales calls you have decided to make, create programs that need to be created, stick to a social media strategy that works! Accountability is the biggest benefit you can get when working with a coach.

Motivation – there is nothing like having a positive and spirited fan club. A coach will be the head cheerleader when it comes to keeping you motivated to reach your goals. When things aren’t going well, a coach will help you affirm positive thoughts and take action to get back on track.

Expert Advice – a coach will have the knowledge and experience you need to start and grow your business. A coach will help you write a business plan, lead you through the steps needed to legally set up your business with the state and federal government, create a marketing plan and do all the tasks necessary to go from zero to profitability. How better to learn than from someone who has already achieved the success you are wanting to achieve.

Do you need a coach? Only you can answer that. As you can see, there are many benefits available when you work with a coach.

If you are considering hiring a coach, consider scheduling a FREE Strategy Session with me and get a first-hand view on whether working with me will help you.

To schedule your call, go to

To Your Success!!

Cheryl Garrison, Founder and CEO 50Something Lifestyle

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