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Financial Freedom comes to those who actively take control of their finances, NOW!

I began my career in 1995 selling auto and homeowners insurance in Palm Beach Gardens, Florida. The woman for my inspiration was my very own auto insurance sales agent. She handled me, at 23 years old and newly divorced, with care and concern. It didn't take long for me to look up to her as a woman of Purpose and love for people. I wanted to be her.....and so my story begins......

In 2007 my beloved dog, Lomei and I boarded a plan to Arizona, shipped my car on a truck, and sent 17 boxes holding only my most necessary possessions by way of UPS.

Today I have the privilege to educate and develop deserving women (men too) on the fundamentals and dire importance of planning their retirement NOW--not later--to reach their own level of independence and excellence in financial freedom.

Creating an income you will never outlive, which is the very reason retirees are working at Wal-mart….They don’t want to be there….they’ve outlived their money….

The power of having money is mental clarity and well being. Knowing our bills are met; knowing we did it for ourselves is power, Wouldn’t You Agree ladies?

I believe: “Powerful women yield powerful results".

  1. Are you prepared for retirement?

  2. Is it important to you that your children/grandchildren receive an education beyond high school?

  3. Would you like to have the money to fund that education without borrowing it?

  4. Is your employer offering employee benefits? Do you know how they cover you?

  5. When was the last time you had your policy reviewed? Changes in life are reason for review….marriage, children, divorce, new house, move to a new state.

Financial Freedom comes to those who actively take control of their finances NOW not later. Later is not a day in the week!

Financial freedom comes to those who know how to put aside 10% of their income right off the top. Developing the habit of saving your money individuals, families and societies become stable and prosperous to the degree of which they save money. Saving today is what guarantees the possibilities of tomorrow.

Some of the most important questions to ask ourselves and yet we avoid them

  1. Are you familiar with the financial strategies that are in place today; that will allow you to grow your money tax-deferred and access it tax-free?

  2. If I could show you a financial strategy that would educate you, give you money for emergencies, supplement your retirement and protect your family all in the one package, fitting within your budget, would it be worth spending a few minutes with me to learn more?

Call to action: Do not close this page without scheduling your appointment with me!!

Ladies…. Your appointment time is FREE, Private and of No Obligation. Stop denying yourself the knowledge we all know we need!

I look forward to getting to know each and every one of you.

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