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Take Your Power Back

It’s the end of a typical work day and you are straightening your desk and getting ready to head out of the door. Just as you are about to turn out the light at your cubicle, the director of your division walks into your cubicle and asks to see you in her office. She’s young. About 35 or so and she’s been moving up the ranks rapidly, in fact, the last promotion that you thought was yours went to her. You knew it wasn’t right, but you kept working mainly because you weren’t old enough or prepared to retire and you definitely weren’t ready to quit working.

She walks you to her office and sits behind her desk, offering you the seat across from her. You are not sure what she wants but something inside you knows this isn’t going to be good news. After shuffling in her seat for a few minutes and fidgeting with a pile of papers on her desk, she finally breaks the silence and delivers the news that would change your life.

“We’re making some cuts and I’m sorry to let you know that we are going to have to let you go.”

There, she said it and you sit there pretending to not be affected by her news. You get up, walk with the security guard who has been summoned to walk you from the building, exit the place where you have given 20+ years of your life, get in your car and then burst into uncontrollable tears of despair.

“What the hell just happened?” she yelled out in the car. (That’s right, I said it! I’m just keeping it real.)

After 20 years of good service, she couldn’t believe that this was it. Just like that her life had changed and she found herself unemployed at 50something and feeling as if she had just been kicked in the face.

This scenario is not that uncommon. Many women I meet have had that same experience. Many of them are even older and are caught so far off guard that they have no clue how to move forward. It happened to me at a much younger age, but I made the decision that it wasn’t going to happen to me again. After the feeling sorry for myself, feeling angry at the company where I had given so much, feeling helpless and worthless… After all the feelings of being rejected, I decided that the only way for me to move forward was to take my power back and create my own reality.

While at 50 or 60something it doesn’t seem so easy, it is. In fact, it’s easier at this age than when you are younger and saddled with children, limited experience and wisdom, and no resources. By now, you’ve gone through some stuff and learned some stuff that can be beneficial in your power take-back!

Statistics show that people over 55 are the largest demographic group of people who are self-employed (business owners). They have figured it out and know that they are far better off working for themselves than punching a time clock in an environment where you really want to punch someone out (just kidding)!

Women over 50 have more expertise and experience in many topics and many have been able to take that expertise to create home-based businesses that yield them freedom financially and personally. They are literally taking back the power they had when they started this journey. The power that says nothing (ever again) is going to stop me from living my dream. The reasons for giving up the power in the past were valid to an extent. Husbands needed our help, children needed rearing, communities needed to be nurtured, and we needed to be needed. It was noble and it made the difference in everyone who we had the privilege of touching in some way.

BUT… NOW!... It is truly our turn to sit solely in the driver’s seat and navigate the remainder of our lives after 50Something. It’s not selfish. It’s not self-serving, in fact it is mostly about giving service. Giving the best of ourselves in whatever we do.

In many cases, the goal is to take all the expertise and experience and start our own business. Sharing our talents and gifts with the world, solving problems we know first-hand and doing all we can to leave the world a better place because we were here and cared. It’s the coaching business that helps women overcome obstacles in the personal life or in business. It’s the music studio that takes years of musical knowledge and now helps disadvantaged children learn the discipline of music. It’s the financial consulting business that helps seniors have more money in retirement. It’s the spiritual gift that gives people the hope and peace they need to get through this crazy, confused world. It’s the travel business that helps people realize their dream of seeing the world. It’s the publishing company that publishes books that have been held hostage inside you for years and now have made their way to the printed page. It’s all of this and more and now you have the POWER to do it. To step out of the comfort zone and start the business of your dreams, live the life of your dreams.

Are you prepared to take back your power? Are you prepared to fight back when you’ve been shown the door with no regard for all that you have given to make someone else successful? Are you prepared to take the steps necessary to be the CEO of you?

If you aren’t, we need to talk. I know it’s in you and I am positioned to help prepare you. Schedule a complimentary strategy session with me and we can talk about how to take back the power and reach the pinnacle of independence and success.

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