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Live Your BEST Life Now!

Helping Women over 50 improve their lives financially, professionally, personally and spiritually

50Something Lifestyle is here to inspire you to achieve the lifestyle of your dreams

Connect with like-minded women over 50 by joining our 50Something Women's Network online community. There are resources to help you grow personally, financially, professionally and spiritually.

Tell Your Story!

Have you ever dreamed of sharing your story, wisdom, or unique perspective with the world through a published book? At Becoming 50Something Publications, we firmly believe that it's never too late to pursue your passion for writing.


Grow with our dynamic group of women over 50 through the power of the spoken word. Subscribe to the Coffee with Cheryl Podcast: Living Your BEST Life and hear from women just like you. Share in the journey! 

Hi. I'm Cheryl Garrison, founder of 50Something Lifestyle and I was wondering...are you living the passionate, powerful lifestyle you deserve? 50Something Lifestyle is designed for women 50 and older who are going through life-altering transition and want to Re-Ignite the Fire in their financial, personal and spiritual life. 


As the saying goes, "It isn't over until it's over"! And no matter what your age or life circumstances , it is definitely NOT OVER FOR YOU.


50Something Lifestyle is a movement to empower women over 50 to do whatever they want! Whether that is writing a book, starting a new business, leaving that boring, life-sucking career you've been stuck in for years, going back to school and get the education you've dreamed of, travelling, investing, shopping, or giving more. 


With my help, you can live your BEST life, right now. Stay connected through our 50Something Women's Network Facebook group, Becoming 50Something Publications where we help you tell your story, and the Coffee with Chery Podcast: Living Your BEST Life!


Are you ready to make a change in your life RIGHT now?

Schedule your FREE 30-minute coaching session with Cheryl today!

What Women Are Saying About Working with Cheryl

Back in December, I saw a post here in this group from Cheryl Garrison regarding mentoring/coaching. I was mentally in a funk. I reached out to Cheryl and scheduled some of her time. She sent me a form to fill out and then we talked. She asked questions that stirred me up. After our conversation, I felt as though the weight was lifted. Our conversation helped me make decisions (personally & in business) that got me back on track. Cheryl, you are a blessing! I Love you and I THANK YOU

Karen Johnson

Thank you Cheryl for being a shining example of passion. I learned the power of story telling, a working definition of passion and the importance of the pursuit.


Cheryl Garrison is especially gifted in her work to get women 50 Something back on track.


If you are in a slump and looking for a way out, ladies I recommend you look into this opportunity it just might change your life. God truly blessed me through the coaching with Cheryl truly put me on track. Thank you Cheryl.


Thank you for all you do. You pushed and comforted me, helping my dreams come true. Thanks for being a great coach. More importantly, thank you for being a friend.


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