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Online Workshop, February 7, at 7:00 MST

It's time to take the NEXT STEPS in your journey to re-invention.

It's time to make some MONEY!

  • How to think like an entrepreneur

  • The 5 top businesses to start after 50

  • How to take your lifetime of experience, skills, and connections and turn them into a profitable business

  • How to plan, plan, plan

  • The basics of business startup

Join me for the FREE NEXT STEPS online workshop, February 7 at 7:00 MST (Arizona). You will learn:


I'm Cheryl and I want to help you realize your financial goals in 2018. With over 30 years experience as an entrepreneur, I know how to help you make money and truly live the life of your dreams. It's your time to take the NEXT STEPS and turn your years of experience, skills and connections and earn extra money or replace your current income. Enroll today! 

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